Mix10 And Molecular Biology DNA Visualizer

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Hi Folks,

If you haven’t already done so, I strongly encourage you to sign up for Mix 2010.



Windows Mobile and Silverlight, you say?

I really can’t discuss what’s on the agenda, but I can say it’s cool.
You will define your life as “Before Mix10” and “After Mix10”.
Especially if you join us at the bar afterhours :)

Mix2010 Silverlight and windows mobile

It looks like there’s some interesting Windows Mobile and Silverlight news at Mix10.
I wonder what that could possibly be.


Registering for Mix 2010

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If you register before January 15th 2010, there’s a fairly substantial price reduction (600$) and a free night at the hotel.
I’d jump on it if I were you.




Vote for my Mix10 Sessions!

Is Justin talking at Mix 2010?  Well, that’s really up to you!

I’ve submitted 2 sessions for Mix 2010.

1) 6 Reasons why Silverlight & WPF are better than ASP.Net & Winforms - Where I talk about the guiding principles behind Silverlight & WPF design.

2) Silverlight Community Q&A w/ Justin Angel – This is an open forum to ask a Silverlight Community Expert and a former Microsoft Silverlight Program Manager any Silverlight question.
This will be the 8th time I’ve done that session and it’s always wildly successful.   


So if you’d like to see me talk go to the mix site and vote for my sessions:


Also checkout some other Silverlight sessions up for voting.
There’s some pretty amazing content offered by the world’s best Silverlight Community experts.


If you don’t vote for me I’ll club a baby seal. And it’ll be because of you.
Or if you’re into clubbing baby seals, vote for and I’ll club a baby seal. It’s really up to you.

Vote for Justin Angel's Mix10 sesions or Justin will club this baby seal!



Mix10K Smart Coding Challenge

As part of Mix10 there’s an online contest for the best Silverlight application in 10KB of C# and XAML.

I’ve submitted my entry: Molecular Biology DNA Visualizer


I was really going for a non-trivial use of the technology. Something that isn’t a game or a neat graphic trick.
But something that would showcase Silverlight as a force that could revolutionize LOB applications. In this case, bioinformatics apps.

If you liked my Mix10K app, feel free to vote for it.
There are also some other amazing 10k entries in Mix10k so you might want to spend 30 minutes going over the gallery.


I’d like to thank my inspiration while writing my Mix10K app:

They Might Be Giants - Science is Real (YouTube)

[SimpleVideo:source=http://justinangel.net/Storage/They Might Be Giants - Science is Real.mp4|width=480 |height=390]




-- Justin Angel