Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices Wiki

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Hi Folks,

This is a short blog post to share with you my latest project: Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices Wiki.



What’s this Wiki about?

“This document represents current consensus around development best practices for Windows Phone 7.
These best practices are collaboratively developed and discussed by the WP7 developers community. As such, anyone may contribute.”


Who’s the Wiki’s target audience?

“Experienced Silverlight, WPF or WP7 Developers. This is not an introduction level document.”


What topics are covered?

customControls.png opensource.png sampleProjects.png designResources.png
marketplaceSubmission.png performance.png tombstoning.png musicAndVideos.png
photos.png metroAppbarIcons.png ci.png themes.png
navigation.png globalization.png mustreadResources.png wikiGuidelines.png


Feedback? Comments?

If you have general feedback on the wiki please open up a new discussion on the Discussion page.

For anything else, feel free to sound off in the comments for this blog post.



-- Justin Angel